At Plant, we’re beyond excited to now offer on-site garden, houseplant and landscaping consultation, installation, and maintenance!

Our small team of experienced gardeners are ready to help you get your outdoor / indoor space in tip top shape. Interested in booking us for a consultation for your home or business?
Please reach out!

We’re here to help:
+ seasonal  yard clean up 
+ small-scale landscaping 
+ patio/balcony planters 
+ houseplant consultation 
+ on-going maintenance
What else? 
We specialize in perennial beds, raised beds, and vegetables gardens. If you’re looking to keep up the curb appeal all year round, we also offer custom planters for every  season. 

Have something specific in mind just get in touch. Our bookings for consultation, installation, and maintenance will open in April. 
We look forward to working with you outside our retail stores and in your yards, patios and homes!

Previous Projects

Have a look at our offerings to get a sense of what we do!


Your first step! This initial 30 minute meeting will be on-site, where we will discuss your gardening goals, questions and concerns. We will record the details of your Green Space & determine which service is best for you.


Putting plants in the ground! Our team will design & install any Green Space. This planting service applies to all annuals / perennials, small trees / shrubs, raised garden beds, balcony gardens & beyond.


Gardens take time & effort to upkeep – let us help! Our team will keep your garden space defined, blooming & tidy all season long. This is a recurring service based on the needs, budget & goals you have for your garden. Visits can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Maintenance Services may include:

Perennial & Annual Gardens 

  • Soil Amending (compost, soil & mulch)
    Trimming & Pruning (small trees & shrubs)
    Pest control

Edible & Flower Gardens 

  • Pruning


  • Deadheading

A marker for every changing season! We will come in and refresh your outdoor pots with seasonally appropriate flowers, plants, cut greens & branches. Updates take place in Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.


A single visit to prepare your garden beds for the upcoming season, whether that be setting your garden up for a season of growth, or putting it to bed for the winter. This is a general tidy that bookends the growing season.


We know very well that Green Spaces aren’t just outdoors! Our team is here to help you achieve your houseplant dreams. Services may include consultation, design, plant delivery & installation, repotting, routine maintenance, and /or pest control.


We’ve got you covered while you’re away! This service ensures your garden stays watered & under control until you return.


You’ve likely seen a plant installation made by us in one of your favourite businesses around the city! If you are looking to incorporate a Green Space into your shop, cafe, or restaurant patio, please send us an email.

Get in touch!

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Book us for a Consultation & Quote!

We offer affordable 30-60 minute consultation, and transparent pricing for projects big and small!

Sample Pricing

Green Spaces Fees
Consultation$65 for 30 min – 1 hr
Maintenance$75 hr / min 2 hours
Installation$75 hr for labour + price of plants & materials
Travel Fee*$15-35 (based on proximity from our Inglewood location)
Quote Example #1: Spring Clean Up + 2x Planters
Clean Up: $75 / hr x 2 hours min = $150
14″ Planters: $125 x 2 = $250
Travel Fee: $20
Total Investment: $420
Quote Example #2: Garden Box Install
Consultation: $65
Client has three 3′ x 5′ garden boxes w/ last year’s soil
Plants & Materials Needed:
Soil $8 x 6 = $48
Client’s Plant / Seedling Budget Per Bed $80 x 3 = $240
Compost $10 x 3 = $30
Metal Trellis $50 x 2 = $100
Tomato Cage $5 x 2 = $10
Total = $428
Installation Fee: $75 / hr x 2.5 hours = $150
Travel Fee: $30
Total Investment = $673
Quote Example #3: Perennial Bed Install + Bi-weekly Maintenance
Consultation: $65
Client has: 3 x perennial beds w/ some existing plants
Looking to add annuals, perennials & mulch to each
2 x unplanted beds that just need weeding & mulch
— front of house (south facing) (10′ x 3′)
— back of house (north facing) (12′ x 3′)
— in front of garage (under large juniper trees) (12′ x 6′)
— 4′ hedge needs to be trimmed at sidewalk (24′ x 2′)
— space alongside house that just needs weeding (24′ x 1′)
Plants & Materials Needed:
Compost $10 x 3 = $30
Mulch $8 x 10 = $80
6″ perennials $20 x 8 = $160
4″ annuals $10 x 10 = $100
Total = $370
Installation Fee: $75 / hr x 5 hours = $375
Travel Fee: $15
Total Installation Cost: $760
Full Season Garden Maintenance:
Biweekly Maintenance from June – October (10 visits)
Maintenance Fee = $75 / hr x 2 hr min = $150
x 10 visits = $1,500
Travel Fee: $15 x 10 = $150
Total Investment = $2,475