Visit us at 5-2501 Alyth Road SE in Calgary!

Plant Plant, a concept from your friendly neighbourhood Plant Shop

Plant Plant is a combination studio, design, and production space, with a store front that we hope will inspire you to bring a playful spirit to your plant parenting indoors and out!

Kyle Chow, Founder

It’s where we’ll generate our newest ideas and pass them on to you. Keep your eyes on this space for more details!

Why Plant Plant?

Besides the joy its silliness brings us, Plant Plant is so-called because we are located in an old foundry building, or plant if you will, and we will call on that history in the spirit of industriousness, innovation, and production.

Secondly, if you were to take a small cutting and plant Plant – into a new location with a change in conditions – it’ll do what plants do: Adapt. Some parts will be recognizable and others will be new and unexpected, and the result is something better, stronger, hardier than it would have been had it stayed in one place.

Third (and here’s a bit more silliness) is that the name is a step toward semantic satiation – or words rendered meaningless by virtue of repeating them so many times. Maybe you’ve even reached it by the end of this paragraph! If the word or name Plant loses its meaning, it gives us a chance to redefine it however we want.